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Topics: Universe, Character, Protagonist Pages: 1 (279 words) Published: October 14, 2011
“It’s all about changing what’s handed to you, about poking around a little, lifting the corners, seeing what’s underneath, poking that. Sometimes things work out, sometimes they don’t, but at least you are exploring. And life is always more interesting that way.” Hattie Owen, the main character in ‘A Corner of the Universe’, expressed this profound outlook on life which relates to people all over the world at any stage in their life. This idea tells us that we shouldn’t just have an uneventful, “safe” and dull life; instead, we should investigate and probe around with all the possibilities that life could bring us; life will be a lot more fascinating this way. This can encourage people everywhere to not just spend 80 or so years living in monotonous routine, but to accept the opportunities that are given to you. The main reason that people don’t do this is because they are worried that it will end in disappointment or that they will make a mistake. It’s alright to make errors, because you can learn from them. It is better to have lived and learned than to not have lived at all. What if you were given the choice of having a huge promotion to the top job in your company or staying at the bottom of the food chain? What would you choose? Say you did choose the promotion, what if you messed up and fell all the way to the bottom again in embarrassment? That doesn’t matter! Life isn’t life without a little risk. This is what Hattie Owen meant in her deep and meaningful quote.
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