A Comparison on the Life of Buck and Jack London

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Masedman, Moises

Migallon, Diane Kaye

January 2010

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III. Chapter 2p.6
IV. Chapter 3p.8
V. Conclusionp.10

London was not only telling the story of just a dog who had been kidnapped and so on and so forth, yet he was telling a somewhat autobiography. He demonstrates his failures and how he survived through them and how he was able to achieve success from them, through Buck. London was putting himself into the character of Buck, Putting his own burdens and success into him.

We, the researchers, would like to show the significance of Jack London’s life to his work, The call of the wild. We would also like to compare the life and/or the situations Jack London and Buck are in. Every part of the story was connected to Jack London and that is what we aim for to show and for others to understand.

The importance of such project is for others, researchers or readers, to better understand the work of Jack London. It shows that his life is a big factor to his work. It gives us better understanding of why these events in the story had to happen. It can give the reader a more sufficient or a more content mind. Another reason for choosing the project was because we, the researchers, were curious of how Jack London created a story not like anything else and there we found out of the similarities of his and Buck’s life.

A comparison on the life of Buck and Jack London p.2

Every success, failure, burden, Buck had to endure them because that was what Jack London had written. But Buck faced the problems not alone, he had Jack who had them first. And Jack who after all the failures, success, burdens, had Buck. The two were as one as Jack described himself through Buck.

We have set the objectives and these objectives are; to be able to relate the life of the author and his work, Buck. To be able to set examples of how London has demonstrated the principles of success and survival he had learned.

Chapter 1

In the start of the story, the main character, Buck had been a very pampered, spoiled dog. But later on he had to face a lot of problems. The first problem was Buck being kidnapped. He was kidnapped by the gardener’s helper, Manuel.

Manuel’s treachery could be compared to London’s biological father’s treachery. Buck trusted Manuel thinking that he could be with the man unharmed yet he was kidnapped. The same is to London, he trusted a man thinking he could be the father he always admired and yet he finds that he is but an illegitimate child, no rights to his own father. He then feels being tricked. It can also be said that Buck being the spoiled dog and then becoming a kidnapped victim is like Jack. Jack, was a descendant of an aristocratic family, yet his mother, being very rebellious was exiled in a sort of way. Knowing this we can see that Jack is already being kidnapped from his rights to his family’s fortune.

The next problem Buck faces is after him being kidnapped, when he is being passed to someone else is when

A comparison on the life of Buck and Jack London p.4

he starts facing the harshness of the real world, the world outside of Judge Miller’s home. There are new rules here. He is no more the pampered and spoiled dog, he is now no more than just a dog. If he wants to survive, he must learn to adjust.

The man he meets who will teach him the first lesson of the harshness of the world is the man in the red sweater. The man repeatedly bats Buck every time Buck fought him. Buck learns that he is no match for the...
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