A Comparison of Criminal Justice in Two Murder Cases

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  • Published : April 30, 2013
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CJS 190
Assignment #3
Due: April 12, 2013

In the film “The First 48” the episode “The witness/The Trunk” showed two murders. In the case “The Witness” a young African American couple was murdered in Miami, Florida. In the case “The Trunk” a young African American man was murdered in Memphis, TN.

“The Witness” takes place in Miami, Florida. In this case two people were shot and killed. The victims of this homicide were twenty-eight year old Grace Armstrong and husband twenty-nine year old Adrian Johnson. They were high school sweet hearts and have been together for fifteen years. They had two sons and one daughter. Their ten year old daughter, Adriana Johnson witnessed her mother and father’s murder. Detective Rick Martinez was the lead on the double homicide. When the detectives question the daughter about what she saw, she told them she saw her dad talking to a boy. The boy gave a look and her dad slapped him. Then the boy went back to the alley and got a gun. Then her mother walked in front of the truck and the boy shot her twice. Grace died on the way to the hospital and Adrian died immediately on scene. The suspect used an AK-47. The daughter also told detectives that the suspect had two cross tattoos on his face. When the detectives were investigating a woman approached Martinez and told him she knew everything but his name, but she did not want to talk to him in public. I think she might have been scared for her own safety. The detectives also received a tip that a man named Carter had a fight with Adrian. With this tip they looked up Carter in the system and found his record. However he didn’t have any facial tattoos but they thought the picture could have been old. They printed out Carter’s picture along with others to put them in a line up for both witnesses. The lady did not recognize any of the men in the line up. Another tip came in from a family member, saying she received information that the street name of the suspect was “Bo”. Detectives...
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