A Comparison Between Two Poems

Topics: Love, Emotion, Poetry Pages: 3 (914 words) Published: May 24, 2013
The first of the two poems I have chosen to compare and contrast is Morning Song By Silvia Path, this poem seems focused on the experience of child birth and the powerful emotions that follow, and is by no means however a generalized and optimistic account of child birth. The second poem I have chosen to focus on is There Be None Of Beauty's Daughters by Lord Byron and seemingly depicts a strong sense of love and bondage between the Byron and the person he is writing about, however it is unclear who exactly Byron is writing about because of the ambiguity surrounding his sexuality. Both poems both do focus on a sense of love and human relationships, Path’s focuses on a maternal love and Byron’s on a couple’s love, the sense and presence, however, of love within each poem differs greatly. Although maternal love is a strong theme within Path’s poem it is not clearly present in the relationship between mother and daughter, if anything the poem focuses on the unexpected lack of love and subsequent emotions that have filled the void left over from this missing sense of love. Byron’s poem focuses on a definite existing love, more importantly a love that does consist of innate affection (like the wavering affection found in Plath’s poem) but affection that has been found. Plath’s poem is structured in a way that resembles the emotional ambiguity she feels towards her daughter, it has been written “free verse” and as such does not pick up a particular rhythm, the only noticeable fixed element is that each stanza contains just three lines. The never truly fixed structure of the poem, in general reflects the distance felt between the mother and daughter in that a particular bond rhythmically is never found between the lines of the poem. This reflects the emotional ambiguity felt towards her daughter, in that just like the lacking identity of the rhyme scheme the emotions felt towards the daughter have a lack of maternal identity. In contrast Byron’s poem has a noticeable...
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