A Comparative Essay on William Shakespeare's Macbeth

Topics: Macbeth, Witchcraft, William Shakespeare Pages: 4 (1376 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Macbeth Comparative Essay
Sign up for your choice of topic in class on Friday Dec.10. Limit FOUR students per topic. Instructions:
A) Referring to the play, the prompts provided for you, and at least one academic secondary source, write a five paragraph (minimum) to seven paragraph (maximum) comparative essay on ONE of the following topics. You may ask: HOW DO I DO THAT? Read on: B) Examine the topics by going to the accompanying links and reading the annotated summaries of actual essays. MAKE THE EFFORT TO DO THIS. THINK THROUGH YOUR DECISION AT THIS POINT. YOU ARE TRYING TO FIND A TOPIC THAT IS GENUINELY INTERESTING TO YOU. C) ONCE YOU GET A LITTLE INTERESTED THEN Locate quotations from the play (and from secondary academic sources) to develop and then to support your thinking. D) Complete the Macbeth Essay organizer.

E) Use the text (Minimum 6 SIGNIFICANT quotations) evidence, and cite the Act, scene, lines (V: ii: 1-17) F) Cite the other sources used applying proper MLA format. G) AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE USE YOUR BRAIN AND THINK THROUGH WHAT YOU ARE WRITING. AVOID EXCESSIVE VERBAGE (I.E. DON’T B.S.) DO NOT BE BORING. MAKE IT INTERESTING & MEANINGFUL!

1.Fantasies of Maternal Power in Macbeth http://www.shakespeare-navigators.com/macbeth/Adelman.html Adelman asserts that "the whole of the play represents in very powerful form both the fantasy of a virtually absolute and destructive maternal power and the fantasy of absolute escape from this power" According to Adelman, "the play strikingly constructs the fantasy of subjection to maternal malevolence in two parts, in the witches and in Lady Macbeth" Examine the Macbeth’s struggle between the two poles of experience- DESTRUCTIVE MATERNAL POWER AND ESCAPE FROM THAT POWER.

2.The Naked Babe and the Cloak http://www.shakespeare-navigators.com/macbeth/Brooks.html Cleanth says there are “ Two apparently extravagent metaphors in Macbeth -- "daggers / Unmannerly breech'd with gore" and...
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