A Case Study of the Vidsoft Triangle

Topics: Leadership, Management, Decision making Pages: 9 (2871 words) Published: October 1, 2012
Case Analysis

Assessment of the situation:
An employee’s request to be transferred to another department because he does not respect his new manager due to the fact that she does not have the same technical background he does or that she is new therefore he cannot learn anything from her is from an executive management point of view absurd. For one, half the mangers out there have a business management degree and are working for technical or construction companies without having a background in the area of “engineering” for instance. Therefore it is surprising that an employee would trust himself to so candidly question the authority of a manager above him without having distinct examples that this manager is not meeting her responsibilities professionally. To be concrete about this case, one of the arguments Hsu brings up is that he does not believe he can learn anything “new” from his new manager. I cannot imagine any manager accepting a weak argument such as this. Li was chosen for this new position for all the traits that Hsu is lacking. Hsu was not a top performer, not a team player and only produced above average customer satisfaction whereas Li was not only a team player but she also made sure that she helped everyone else on the team succeed. How could Hsu say he could not learn anything from Li? Another alleged reasoning for wanting to transfer to the other department was that he had thought he would be working with Babatunde when he applied for his job. When a company grows, it is only natural that its structure would change. Hsu was working with Babatunde until now, but after two and a half years of company growth it was time for the structure of the organization to change in order to meet the administration of the personnel and keep company growth expanding. If Hsu cannot accept this organizational change, he lacks strength in which case he might not be the right team member for Vidsoft. “To keep our faces toward change, and behave like free spirits in the presence of fate, is strength undefeatable.” – Hellen Keller Hsu’s request to be transferred to the “other” group, even though there is a possibility that the manager hired could be someone Hsu does not like or respect, lack constructive criticism of his counterpart Li. So I wonder, what could be the cause of his dissatisfaction in working with Li? Re-reading the text, I tried to pay more attention to details such as cultural background. Hsu and Li are both of Chinese descents. But:

1. Whereas Hsu grew up in the US, Li only immigrated to the US after her graduation from a university in Hong Kong and was still struggling with her English communication skills. 2. Whereas Hsu forced himself to think like an engineer, that “a structural and logical way of thinking would make him climb the corporate ladder faster” (Nakhwa, 2003:3) he was

not the one chosen to be the department leader; Li was; a women with only a degree in environmental management.
Could it be that Hsu is envious of Li’s promotion?
From an executive point of view, Babatunde should have not long contemplated Hsu’s request. He should have heard what Hsu had to say so candidly about Li, and then told him why he had chosen Li to be the new manager: that both he and White firmly believed Li had the potential for being a good manager.

In unit one, we discussed the characteristics of a successful leader. In the first discussion we learned that leaders spend much time socializing and networking. Li and Hsu had been working together for over two years. As group members there must have been a specific relationship already built between them. Li needs to reflect on her cooperation with Hsu as a colleague to see where they had strong ties and where she could find potential disagreements. Before accepting the managerial position, Li had expressed her hesitation regarding how her counterparts would feel about having to report to her. But Babatunde felt that the group’s...
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