A Canadian Identity Is Born in a Foreign Land and Hostile Acts.

Topics: Canada, Monarchy of Canada, Indigenous Australians Pages: 3 (945 words) Published: March 9, 2013
A Canadian Identity is Born in a Foreign Land and Hostile Acts. Canada is known around the world as a strong and independent country with a unique identity. The belief in hard work and sacrifice has enabled Canadians to survive through the hostile environment and gave the birth to Canadian identity. The struggle and sacrifices were so great that Canada has been referred as the “Great Dominion” by the poets and writers. The art and culture and tradition of aboriginal people exert great influence on Canadian identity. The poem “Indigenous” by Lea Littlewolfe describes the struggle of aboriginal people to preserve their identity. The Canadian identity was even shaped by immigrants who faced hardship but still claims to be Canadian, Margaret Atwood relates an incident about a mother who lost her son when they came to Canada. The struggle and the sacrifice that gave birth to Canadian identity even go abroad to foreign land, in the poem “Ypres 1915,” Alden Nowlan tells the story about the Canadian soldiers sacrificing in World War 1. The harsh decision struggle of aboriginals, priceless loss of the immigrants and the gory sacrifice of the soldiers in foreign land gave birth to the Canadian identity. The first people living in Canada were the Aboriginal people of Canada. "Aboriginal" mean the original inhabitants or “indigenous.” In his poem “Indigenous,” Lea Littlewolfe relates the how a father and daughter face their aboriginal identity. When the English people settled in Canada the father realize that the “foreign words” will conquer their “mother tongue.” The father sees the threat that his people will be defeated and the will be ruled by the others. The “visible minority self-consciousness paralyzes the father” and he wants “to make his daughter one of them.” This reveals the hardship of the indigenous people as they struggle and try to sacrifice their cultural and traditional identity. As the girl grew up, she realized the inequity and watched her father...
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