A Business Relationship - Carl's Character

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A Business Relationship

Multiple Choice
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Essay – Discuss how Carl’s character is revealed by his thoughts, words and actions.

In the short story ‘A Business Relationship’ Carl’s character is revealed as a simple man. He doesn’t need anything over the top, he’s practical when it comes to money and housework, and he’s incredibly thoughtful when it comes to his wife.

To start, Carl seems to be a pretty simple man. The way the author describes their home; he didn’t need much to be happy. They had a small house, and not a lot of money but he was satisfied. When it came to their wedding, he wore an old black suit where the minister’s and the janitor were the only witnesses.

Secondly, Carl was very practical. When it came to money, he knew exactly how to handle it. He didn’t want to waste it when he didn’t think he needed to use it. For example in the story, when Olga wants to take him to the hospital he refuses. He thinks it’s too expensive to stay there, and that they don’t have enough money for it.

Lastly, he was very thoughtful when it came to his wife. When she stated she’d like to look out while she was working at the counter, he built her a window immediately. He liked to compliment her, for example on her gardening, he says ‘no one would ever know you hadn’t come from the country’. And when he had the extra money he’d brought her ‘marigolds and snapdragons to add to her border of wildflowers’.

In conclusion, the way the author wrote the story, you can tell a lot about Carl’s personality. The way he speaks, how his wife acts around him, and in what he does. He lives a simple happy life, and he doesn’t need anything more to be pleased.
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