A Benefits Package Designed for Whom?

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A Benefits Package Designed for Whom?

Wayne McGraw is a recruiter for Beco Electric, he is going to interviewing Robert Peters a 22 year old candidate. Robert has a 3.6 grade point average with a 4.0 in his major which is industrial management. Wayne feels he would be an excellent addition to the company. Wayne thinks of all the companies benefits, Robert will like the education benefits the best, full tuition and full books paid plus being flexible with class schedules. Wayne also thinks Robert will like the discount at the company cafeteria, since Robert is an active person, eating at work and at a reduced price will save time and money. Wayne is sure the one week paid vacation and 12 days holiday pay will be convincing. The sick time is good but Wayne is not going to dwell on it. Robert is very healthy, so the health benefits may not be a huge selling point. Robert is smart enough to appreciate the profit-sharing plan and will take full advantage of the free money for retirement.

Robert will appreciate the health benefits if he needs to use them someday, but I think he will like the education benefits the best. Other benefits he might like are the cheap food in the cafeteria. He will like the paid vacations, and the paid holidays, being that he is so active socially. He would like a customized benefit plan, that way he can choose the benefits as he sees fit, since he is not married and does not have children. He may like the compressed work week, he is young and a four day work week could give him more time off at once. The benefit I think he would really like is if they had a fitness center.
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