Zombie Apocalypse

Topics: Bovine spongiform encephalopathy, Prion, Zombie Pages: 6 (1766 words) Published: March 6, 2013
In Cracked.com’s, “five scientific reasons the zombie apocalypse could actually happen,” by TE Sloth and David Wong. They list and cover some legitimate reasons it is actually quite possible and not the typical ‘ho hum’ “that could never happen” type of scenario to support their hypothesis.

Zombies a reality, really? People have debated whether or not it is a conceivable theory for decades. As years pass our technology continues to advance at a rapid pace only gaining momentum. What will happen to us once we reach limits too high for our own good? Who’s to say in some underground top secret government sanctioned facility we’re not already at that point? We as the general public wouldn’t know until its too late. Don’t let your brain be zombie candy, be prepared!

Parasites that take control of their victims are, surprise, fairly common. Consider the parasite toxoplasmosa gondii, half of earths human population is already infected with this parasite(not a comforting or pleasant thought especially for whats coming up (). toxoplasmosa gondii seems to be particularly horrible, it is devoted to taking the “be fruitful and multiply” to new extremes, well for itself anyways… not so much the host. See the pest infects pests like birds and rats, however the only place the parasite can breed is inside the cats intestines. So the bug takes over there hosts brain and forces them to find cats and get eaten.

What does this have to do with us becoming zombies? I’m glad you asked. Remember how one in two of us are infected already, well what happens when it evolves? After all humans and rats aren’t too different genetically, that’s why there subjected to testing products designed for us. Maybe toxoplasmosa would fancy large cats like bobcats, mountain lions etc. better. Hey the bird and swine flu have evolved, they said people can become crazed if they consume the ‘mad cow’ diseased meat, and all life forms must adapt and overcome or face extinction across the board, bacteria or point and case dodo birds(mans doing but…).

In rats and other subjects, studies show that all infected have a change in personality and are more likely to go completely and utterly insane. Picture it now, half the world, lunch meat, only after the big cats and such are done with your old friends now they’re even hungrier cause they have been having an ample supply of food lately, now you just have one more threat in life to worry about, ever see ‘the ghost and the darkness’?

Don’t forget about the many biological weapons programs throughout the world, each vying for the upper hand when they may need to pull there trump card, all intentionally weaponizing critters just like this, besides it’d be better to have a nation of willing and controllable followers that will do your bidding and anticipate your every whim (Brittney Spears and Brad Pitt at your fingertips) than a wasteland, unoccupiable and filled with death and destruction.

You may argue, these people have never actually died therefore they don’t fit the true to life (no pun intended) definition of a “zombie”, I guarantee that will be the last thing on your mind if they are traveling in groves and ordered to retrieve all who are not one.

How about neurotoxins, naturally occurring and another form of bio weapon. There are certain types that slow your bodies functions to the point you will be resting against deaths door and pass for dead, for most doctors. One example of this poison comes from Japanese blowfish (fugu).

Individuals can be easily ‘revived’ with the proper administration of alkaloids(chemicals) or drugs like datura stramonium. Under these conditions the victims remain in a trance state without memory and perform necessary daily tasks I.E. eating, sleeping and the general appearance of your typical zombie and basic additional tasks.

This originated in Haiti, as did the word “zombie”. Dr. Wade Davis wrote books on it such as, passage of...
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