Zollverein and the Coalition of German States

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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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K Pinson- Modern Germany

What source is this? Pinson’s work is a secondary source article. How does Pinson describe early 19th century Germany? Pinson describes Germany in the 19th century as “still backward as compared to other countries of Western Europe.” Agriculture was still the most important industry employing two thirds of the population. The middle class was “neither as wealthy nor concentrated as in France and England.” What does Pinson mean by the term “epoch-making’?

Epoch means an age or the beginning of a new period. Epoch making means it marks the beginning of a new age for Germany’s economy. What type of source is the petition by Friedrich List?
The petition by Friedrich List is a primary source.
What are some problems List identifies with the trade in the German states? List states that it is impossible to travel to another state without paying tolls/tax and going through customs. He wishes for the states to become on so free trade is allowed like from the Rhine to the Pyrenees. What industrial development coincided with the Zollverein?

The construction of railways coincided with the Zollverein. Friedrich was a large promoter of these railways. All the early railroad construction was carried out by private enterprise but there was no integrated system for the entire country. Which major “German State” never joined the Zollverein?

Austria was the only major “German State” to not join the Zollverein. How did the Zollverein make Prussia the leading state of the German States? The Zollverein made Prussia the leading German State because they were the first state to abolish any trade laws. This meant they adhered to the principle of free-trade.
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