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Topics: Management, Frederick Winslow Taylor, Management consulting Pages: 3 (913 words) Published: October 6, 2012
Discussion 1

In what ways are elements of the classical management and behavioral management approaches evident at Zara International?

Frederick W. Taylor is known for the four step Scientific Management approach which was part of classical management with its first step being a time study of the motion and tasks performed on jobs to maximize the efficiency. Evidence of this science was quite apparent with Zara International in regards to their lightning-quick trend turnarounds that tailor to the young consumer audience. Specifically, they update their garments and have them in the stores within a two week timeframe and launch new pieces twice a week. They shorten the time from order to arrival by using the JIT (just-in-time) strategy which is a well-known lean manufacturing principle that places Zara at the forefront of the retail industry with recent sales of over $13 billion dollars.

Zara makes this formidable accomplishment by applying the methodologies mentioned above along with principles 2 and 3 which entail having the right person for the job, proper training and incentive to support the science. All of this combined, allows Zara’s distribution centers to have items in European stores within (24) hours of receiving an order, and in American and Asian stores in under (48) hours! This efficiency demonstrates that Zara is committed to the science of supporting its employees by careful planning of their work along with insuring they have a path of least resistance to perform their duties which is required in principle 4.

Evidence of the French Henri Fayol and his Administrative Principles were also viewed in Zara International’s case study. Fayol was responsible for developing five rules of management that were specifically aimed to guide managerial action involving planning, organizing, leading and controlling. All (5) of Fayol’s principles were utilized by Zara! Principle 1 “Foresight”, calls for a plan of action for the future. Zara...
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