Zara Case Study

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Zara Case Analysis
Zara’s Marketing Strategy
Produce a product that can adjust and fit multiple trends and can adapt quickly to new style. •Pride itself on its location (usually on the best street in big cities) as opposed to spending money on public advertisements. •Target a youthful and vibrant culture.

Have current and efficient technology in their stores.
Target Market
Young, fashion- conscious city dwellers.
Rapidly changing style that needed to cater to people who were not easily influenced and had a rapidly changing style. •Targeted consumers that could be influenced to buy their product through marketing and advertising campaigns. •Coming from the middle to upper socio-economical class

Marketing Mix
Zara focused on location and in store décor rather than advertising publicly. •Zara only placed ads to announce its new stores and two promote it’s twice a year sales. As a result they only spent .03% of their revenue. •Store layouts were completely altered every four to five year. •Layouts must be designed and tested on a 1500 sq. ft. pilot store before being revealed around the entire world. •Prices established for the Spanish market in the Euro currency. •Other countries prices were set at a fixed percentage of the Spanish market baseline. •Zara always takes into account cost and market conditions when pricing their product. •Does not try to produce clothes that they think will always be in style. Rather, Zara wanted to have clothes that had a quick “in store” and at home life span. •Customers knew that if they saw something they liked then they should buy it because there is a good chance it would not be there the next time. •All products were produced in Spain an Northern Portugal at factories and small local workshops Marketing Position

Rely heavily on in store managers and employees to keep style current. •Position themselves in the market so the consumer see’s their product as the newest and latest fashion label....
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