Youth of the Nation Song Summary

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Anthony Milano10/31/08
Music with a Message - ReportMrs. Wright

“Youth of the Nation” by P.O.D. has a very strong message. The general message is about kids being bullied, and not fitting it. The song is about three people facing common problems in America.
In the first stanza of the song, it is talking about a school shooting. This stanza is based on the school shootings of Santana High School and Columbine. This part for me had the most powerful message. I realized that bullying a kid too much can lead to irrational things. This part alone has changed how I treat other people.

The second stanza is about a girl who is searching for love. The girl’s father left her, and now this girl will look anywhere for love. This girl ends up looking for love in the wrong places, and looses all respect for herself. The message for this part is don’t let trying to be loved let you lose respect for yourself.

The third stanza is about a boy Johnny who will do anything to fit in. Johnny wanted to fit in so bad and he wanted to be cool, and he thought that the only way to get noticed was to take his life. This part of the song is very powerful. P.O.D. is trying to tell people that there is always another option besides suicide.

“Youth of the Nation” covers a lot of things that teenagers deal with in America. I think the overall message that P.O.D. is trying to get across, is that the youth of America is falling apart because of everyday problems. I believe that this song inspires the youth of the nation to change, and be more careful with the way they treat others.
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