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Andres Bonifacio, the Real National Hero

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Vincent Jay C. Bacor

February 15, 2011

Sentence Outline:

Thesis Statement: Andres Bonifacio y de Castro is the real national hero based on a clear action against Spanish colonization, good leadership and governance among revolutionaries, and a great inspiration to the most famous revolution in the history of the Philippines.

I.Andres Bonifacio had a normal life in an overwhelming and muddled era of Philippine history. A.Andres Bonifacio’s birth marked the beginning of freedom in the Philippines. 1.He was born on November 30, 1863 to Santiago Bonifacio and Catalina de Castro in Tondo in Manila, Philippines. 2.He had displayed his leadership in his early childhood during the gatherings in the family. B.Andres Bonifacio’s death marked the ending of colonization and great slavery during Spanish regime. 1.He died on May 10, 1987 in an undetermined manner.

2.He was proclaimed as the father and supreme leader of Katipunan right after his alleged exile.

II.Andres Bonifacio was a normal family man and a caring son and loving brother to his younger siblings. A.Andres Bonifacio was married to his wife Gregoria de Jesus. 1.He married his wife twice in Roman Catholic rites in Binondo Church in the years 1893 and 1894. 2.He had a son with Gregoria de Jesus who later died because of the illness small pox. B.Andres Bonifacio was orphaned at an early age and struggled to support his siblings. 1.His parents died when he was 14 and was forced to drop out of school. 2.His early works include being a messenger, salesman, and warehouseman all in order to support his younger siblings.

III.Andres Bonifacio had exemplified great leadership and passion in his organization. A.Andres Bonifacio spearheaded the uprising of Philippine revolution on July 7, 1892. 1.He founded the revolutionary organization called Katipunan. 2.He worked with an organization that aimed for peaceful reform like La Liga Filipina. B.Andres Bonifacio worked with good rapport and camaraderie among Katipunan members. 1.He had a strong friendship with the Supremo Presidente Emilio Aguinaldo until 1895. 2.He was the adviser and legal consultant of many members of the Katipunan during his governance after Emilio Aguinaldo.

IV.Andres Bonifacio’s primary desire is peace and order.
A.Andres Bonifacio believed in the existence of equality and peace in his own country. 1.He founded the Katipunan in the hope of restoring the integrity of Filipinos and ignite passion for peace among its members. 2.He joined La Liga Filipina in the hope of creating a venue for promoting non-violent actions against the existing colony of Spaniards in the country. B.Andres Bonifacio has clear opposition in all types of war. 1.He clearly demonstrated loyalty to the country by helping Jose Rizal in his advocate for peace. 2.He opposed anti-colonialism inside Spanish regime.

V.Andres Bonifacio today is well remembered because of his bravery and unwavering support to his co-heroes. A.Andres Bonifacio’s day is celebrated every November 30 and is a Philippine holiday. 1.His birthday is annually remembered by the Filipino people because of his influence to Philippine freedom. 2.His day is a national holiday and is celebrated throughout the republic of the Philippines. B.Andres Bonifacio’s image is reflected in many areas of the country as a sign of true citizenship. 1.His most famous sculpture was made by Ramon Martinez and National Artist Guillermo Tolentino. 2.His life story is depicted in Filipino cinema as was played by Eduardo del Mar and was shown in many areas of the Philippines.

In order for a certain individual to become a national hero, he has to withstand the test of bravery, passion to peace...
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