Youth's Problems

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  • Published : December 21, 2012
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'Youth’s problems
1. The most difficult period
2. Drug problems
3. Juvenile delinquency
4. Teenage conceptions
5. Post-adolescence
6. Positive trend
7. The responsibility of one’s actions

It is notoriously known that the youth is the most difficult period of the person’s formation. The reason of that is based upon the fact that teenagers strive for identification their place in the universe and try to prove for everyone their maturity. Unfortunately in this pursuit, the great number of teenagers resort to improper methods and take the wrong road. From our sheer experience we all know that adolescence is a discrepant time accompanied by tense relationships with parents and often it’s a time when we don’t get on with our friends and teachers. At the same time teenagers are oppressed by the extreme responsibility, because they have to make some very important decisions, which will influence their future life. That’s why in attempt to escape reality and to relax young people turn to alcohol or drugs. Fortunately, most children grow out of it or simply decide they don’t like it and then stop. But a few go on taking drugs and in the majority of cases it leads to a terrible side effects, such as having an accident while under drug’s influence, blood poisoning, accidental overdoses which can lead to unconsciousness, stop breathing or even death. Moreover according to statistics a great number of juvenile offenders are addicted. In the majority of cases junks commit different serious crimes, because they need some money to buy drugs, but at the same time they may do it because of the altered sense of reality and haziness of mind. That’s why parents should always be on their guard and tread carefully when talking to a child they suspect may be taking drugs. A wrong word at a wrong time can sometimes make a child even more rebellious. But the right words of understanding can...
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