Your Own Boss

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Being Your Own Boss
Have you ever imagined yourself owning your very own business? Most people have done this at least once in their lives. When people think of owning their own business they usually imagine making lots of profit, working once a week, and never being worried about being fired or laid-off. Though this is true for a few people, most entrepreneurs have to work countless hours and extremely hard for the success of their business. There are many differences in working for someone else and working for your own business. One of the biggest differences in being an entrepreneur is the amount of time that you must invest into your business. You are always on-call and need to be very attentive to every single detail at work. Whereas, when you work for someone else your workday consists mainly of an eight-hour day. Usually after your shift you are able to go home and forget about work for the remainder of the day. As opposed to an entrepreneur who is, in a sense, married to his business day and night. Another difference in being your own boss and working for someone else is the feeling of having a safe secure job because you're the "boss". Although some people believe this, the truth is that there are lots of risks in owning your own business. There is the risk of your business failing, going bankrupt, becoming job-less and ultimately being homeless. You might actually be safer working for someone else rather than working for yourself. On the other hand, if your business becomes successful, you can make more money than you would earn working for someone else. There is no limit to how much profit you can earn; you set your own limits. Also, another plus to being self-employed is the amount of respect you are given because of the fact that you're the "boss", in contrast to having a boss and listening to whatever your superior feels like telling you. Good or bad, you have no say. Considering these facts are very important for a person that has plans to...
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