Young Goodman Brown and Robin

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Journal Questions – Hawthorne

“Young Goodman Brown” and “My Kinsman, Major Molineux” are stories of young men on journeys that are both real and allegorical. I have found that studying the two together can be helpful in gaining a better understanding of Hawthorne. To lighten your writing load, I am only requiring that you answer ONE set of questions; however, I want you to conclude your writing assignment with a paragraph that compares/contrasts the two stories.

Your directions are to read BOTH stories; answer the questions for ONE story only - your choice. Conclude your assignment with a paragraph that considers these questions:

What qualities do the two stories share? Also, compare and contrast the outcomes/meaning of each story. What does each man come to realize through his experience? How is each man affected by his experience? BE SPECIFIC.

“Young Goodman Brown”

1. What is revealed in the first seven paragraphs about the characters of Goodman Brown and Faith?

2. How do you know that Brown’s meeting with the unnamed man prearranged? What previous associations with the Brown family does the man mention? What do these incidents reveal about his moral character?

3. In the woods, Brown observes three minor incidents before the final altar scene occurs. a. Briefly describe the incident with Goody Cloyse and note Brown’s response.
b. Explain the identity of the horsemen and specify what they were anticipating.
c. What causes Brown to exclaim, “My Faith is gone”?

4. At the altar scene, which community members does Brown recognize and what are they said to share? At what crucial point does the forest scene end? Under what circumstances does Brown suddenly find himself?

5. Citing specific details from the text, explain whether you think Goodman Brown saw or dreamed the incidents in the forest. How has Brown’s character changed in the final paragraph?

6. Brown...
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