Young Adults Do Not Know How to Manage Their Money

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  • Published : November 15, 2010
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Young Adults Do Not Know How to Manage Their Money
I have noticed that nowadays, many young adults do not know how to manage their money. Young adults don’t understand how to save and cherish money. They just say that it’s their money, they earned it, and they can do whatever they want with it. Which is true, but they just party their money away in a glance, and there is no use in that. I think that when young adults don’t know how to manage their money, they fall behind in life, and fall into debt along the way. I believe that if young adults would cherish their money more, and save it for the future; they would be much more successful in life. There are many examples that can prove my point.

My four brothers and many of their friends are a great example of young adults who do not know how to manage their money. These boys are in their late teens, who know nothing about managing money. Growing up, they believed that being cool, popular, and having endless fun is all that mattered in life. They’re always thinking how to have fun now, but are never thinking about the future. For these young adults being cool means, speeding, drinking and driving, and always being center of attention. As they receive their weekly pay checks, they instantly waste it on stupid, pointless things, such as; beer, clubs, cigarettes, and speeding tickets. So as they play the role of being “cool”, they end up wasting all their money, just to keep that title. As they go out and drink, they then get in their cars and start to drive somewhere, but they always speed, because they think that they’re so cool. So, as they’re speeding, they often get stopped by a cop, arrested, and get a huge speeding ticket. These people end up wasting all their money on their problems; courts, tickets, and lawyers. And they never seem to learn their lesson. So as you can see, these young adults sure do not know how to manage their money. If they really knew how to manage it, they would be saving some money...
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