Youcef Oughlici Poetry

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Yocef oughlici poetry

While was drafting the: «Anthology of the Algerian modern poetry » translated into Arabic I have selected for the poet Youcef Oughlici two poems from his collection: «Pains of a willow in the seasons of storms»; The two poems were:«Disappointment» and «triumph», and after the publication of his second collection of poems entitled:« Taghribat Djaafar Ettiar». And after reading it I was fascinated by his flash poems so that I decided to add some of them to the mentioned Anthology. Later on I realized that I have in my possession a considerable number of translated poems of my friend the poet Youcef Oughlici, so I thought of gathering them in a separate collection, and thus I did after subjoining to them other ones from the two collections. And as the master hunch of the poet was his greatest perception of the pains and the sufferings of his country, and his nation; the anguishes of the Hachimite willow, the disappointment in the Arabic and the Islamic unity and its rising, in addition to his apprehension about its issue towards the universal cultural and civilizational challenges, and his personal frustrations, I have chosen to entitle this translated collection: «Torments of the Green Melody». For Youcef Oughlici the poem is a magical arm towards the storms to face these anxieties, his writings are based on the duality: the wind/ the willow ; The two extremities of the conflict between what is, and what it must be. The poet in what he called: a visa written as a foreword to his first collection said: «It is black, sad papers.. And I will never consent to them to be veiled by this nightly dusky color If I have not written them in seasons where my heart hull was during them exposed to various forms of earthquakes, volcanoes, grooves and emotional routs…And the relief of my poetical island –at that time–was mined with the lava of the ouf, and the squibs of the ah, and threatened by the storms of the non seasonal pains and what follow...
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