You Have the Right to Remain Equal

Topics: Gender, Gender role, Transgender Pages: 4 (1356 words) Published: April 24, 2013
You Have The Right To Remain Equal
Do you consider yourself equal to your opposite gender? Of course, by law men and women are entitled to have equal rights, although our public actions show otherwise. When is it okay to divide gender roles? Perhaps when playing a competitive sport. Why? Is it the different capability men and women have? Is it fair to judge women? No, especially when the female gender is being picked on harshly. Various cultures depict equality based on their customs, however women need to take advantage of getting their voice heard.

Both of my grandparents and parents came from Mexico, which makes them Hispanic. In their culture men consider themselves as hunters and women as gathers. The reason being, men are thought of being stronger than women. The role of men is to work from morning to night and to provide for his family. When coming home they expected the wife to sustain their needs eventually, adapt the women giving everything to men directly to their hands. Hispanic men were usually tough, insensitive and respected. On the other hand women are known to stay at home and maintain the house, clean, and set food on the table, while raising no more than, twelve children. The Spanish culture itself depicts our gender roles. Although, everyone’s race is different based on his or her traditions. However men always seem to conquer. My parents on the other hand have adapted more to America’s modern time, which is having women the rights they deserve. The change in giving women equal rights has progressed far more rapidly in the United States. Some cultures choose to keep their traditions. In my parents’ case, it was easier to adapt to these changes at an early age, which gives my household environment equal responsibility. Both my parents provide for their children, show sensitivity towards their loved ones and both parents needed to be respected-evenly. Some Hispanic traits take place in my household. For example, my father works far more than...
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