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  • Published: July 1, 2013
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Chapter - 1 Overview of Banking Industry in India  Introduction:  Industry scenario of Indian Banking Industry  Current Scenario  Aggregate Performance of the Banking Industry o Interest Rate Scene: o Governmental Policy  Implications of Some Recent Policy Measures  Challenges Facing by Banking Industry:  Users of Banking Services: o General Users o Industrial Users  Bank Marketing In the Indian Perspective  Bank Marketing Mix and Strategies o Product o Price o Promotion o Place  Bank Marketing Strategies  Challenges to Indian Banking: o Deregulation o Modified New rules o Efficiency o Diffused customer loyalty o Misaligned mindset o Competency gap  Strategic options to cope with the challenges


 Banking Industry Vision 2010 o Emerging Economic Scene o Future Landscape of Indian Banking o Changes in the Structure of Banks o Product Innovation and Process Re-Engineering o Technology In Banking o Risk Management o Regulatory and legal environment o Rural and Social Banking Issues o Human Resources Management  References



Indian banking is the lifeline of the nation and its people. Banking has helped in developing the vital sectors of the economy and usher in a new dawn of progress on the Indian horizon. The sector has translated the hopes and aspirations of millions of people into reality. But to do so, it has had to control miles and miles of difficult terrain, suffer the indignities of foreign rule and the pangs of partition. Today, Indian banks can confidently compete with modern banks of the world. Before the 20th century, usury, or lending money at a high rate of interest, was widely prevalent in rural India. Entry of Joint stock banks and development of Cooperative movement have taken over a good deal of business from the hands of the Indian money lender, who although still exist, have lost his menacing teeth.

In the Indian Banking System, Cooperative banks exist side by side with commercial banks and play a...
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