Yes to Death Penalty in the Philippines

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  • Published : March 11, 2013
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Yes to Death Penalty in the Philippines
Every second, a case is happening in any part of the country and even of the whole world. Justice is most of the time questioned by many people or should I say by everyone. This brings problems or agonies especially to the side of the victims. Death penalty utilizes electric chair wherein the proven suspect or criminal is placed and be put into death through the use of electricity in just a matter of seconds. A catholic country like Philippines observes strictly morality. It is indeed a very difficult decision in my part as a teenager since my parents always tell me how important and sacred life is. But, staying aware with the increasing number of crimes that are not yet solved, triggers me to agree with death penalty. I do believe it is already the right time to start doing something that goes beyond things we got used to. If in case that, this is not accepted or actualized, I wish more a revision or new update of our constitutional laws. Like, the year of age of those who can be imprisoned after being proven that he or she is guilty of a crime. Nowadays, even 10 years old below are already committing violations but not given corresponding sanctions. As a result, they feel so free doing things even against human and God’s laws. With this, I do believe it is time for our leaders to be firm with their decisions and actions. As a student, I will make sure that I will be of help with their decisions.
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