Yes Ma'Am Essay

Topics: Blue Suede Shoes, Eddie Vedder Pages: 1 (330 words) Published: October 20, 2011
In the story “Thank you, M’am” Mrs. Jones was almost robbed by a teenager named Roger until he flew back trying to pull her purse and was kicked, shook, put into a half nelson, and dragged all the way to Mrs. Jones house. Even though this was kidnapping it wasn’t for no reason, and what she did was better for him than going to jail. I don’t think this was wrong because she fed him and let him wash up, she taught him a lesson, and she gave him money to buy the blue suede shoes that he wanted.

After Mrs. Jones dragged him home she was nice enough to let him wash up. After that she prepared him a meal, which was also nice because she doesn’t have much and she is still sharing with others. Then she talked about herself instead of him because she didn’t want to embarrass.

Also Mrs. Jones didn’t call the police, instead she disciplined Roger. This was better for him because he would have just gone to jail for however long and then wouldn’t really have learned anything. With what she did he now knows better than to do something like that again.

Then, Mrs. Jones gave his $10 because she knew he wanted blue suede shoes. From the way that Roger looked when she met him and since he was out late without someone worried about him she knew that he didn’t have much. When she gave him the money she closed the door politely because Roger was speechless and even though he wanted to thank her he couldn’t say it.

In Conclusion, Mrs. Jones did something that truly helped Roger. Even though it was kidnapping she still did it for the better. And she helped him keep the status by giving him the money for the blue suede shoes, which were the reason for the whole attempt at robbing Mrs. Jones.
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