Year of Wonders Explores How People Are Changed by Catastrophe

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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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“Year of wonders explores how people are changed by catastrophe” Discuss

Year of wonders the novel explores how people change by catastrophe such as the plague. The plague was brought to the town by cloths Anna is urged by Mr Mompellion to burn Viccars belongings and Anys Gowdie being a customer of his rejects his advice. ‘Burn it all! Burn it all! For the love of god burn it’

Anna Frith is the central character and narrator. A young woman who becomes a healer and midwife. Anna speaks low of her father who was always found at the tavern, ‘My father loved a pot better then he loved his children’. She supports the mompellions through the plague year. Anna has strength thought out this her experiences, however difficult, have called forth her potential and made her stronger and more capable. Anna has grown more nicer and friendly with the plague as she helps everyone. ‘This plague will make heroes of us all whether we will or no. But you are the first of them.’ At the end of the novel Anna sails from England and arrives at Oran where she has a fulfilling new life assisting Ahmed Bey. She also takes her two daughters

Elinor Mompellion is a wife to Mompellion , Anna’s closest friend, Work’s with Anna to combat the plague and help the villages. Aphra murders her after the plague abates. After the plague Elinor pleads with Michael to announce an end to the plague. Aphra kills herself and Elinor and Anna holds a funeral with flowers and white sheets. Anna loses her best friend Elinor and struggles to keep it together. Elinor Mompellion comforts Anna as she grieves from the lose of her childrens.

Anna Frith and Elinor Mompellion worked together to try and cure the plague or stop it by herbal medicines and creams.

Aphra Bont, Joss bont second wife, Anna’s stepmother. Loses her reason after her husband and children die. Turns to witchcraft. She attacks and kills Elinor in an act of revenge. She has descended into madness.
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