Year of Wonders

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  • Published : May 5, 2013
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“The plague will make heroes of us all... and these times, they do make monsters of us all. The plague brings out the very best and very worst in people” is this how you see Year of Wonders? ‘Year of Wonders written by Geraldine Brooks creates an extraordinary sense of perception between the ordinary situations in the daily life of Eyam and the extremities that the village must face in order to survive. Both the antagonist and protagonist carry out actions that define the very worst and very best in human nature, respectively. These certain actions can be identified by the observation of the central character Anna. Through her experience and ordeals, the readers are able to grasp a clear understanding of Anna and her setbacks in which she is able to overcome by her strong willed nature and her desensitization of her past and present. On the other hand, the intentions of Aphra and Josiah Bont is not only portrayed as neglectful parents during the novel, but also takes the attributes of a selfish, greedy, and maledict character. After the tragic deaths of George Viccars and Sam Frith in a mining incident, as well as the grim passing of her children, Anna suffers a period of pain and sorrow in which she must define resilience. From the help of both Michael and Elinor Mompellion, she is able to find comfort and sanction in order to overcome these traumatic experiences under the life of peasantry and poor lifestyle conditions. These events provide a sufficient amount of evidence on Anna’s personality and her drive to overcome grim circumstances. Anna also befriends the local herb specialists, Mem and Anys Gowdie to study the secrets of handling herbs as well as understanding the depth of feminism as she is often visits to deliberate the topic of a women’s freedom and how little woman during the 18th century can claim it. Anna utilises these information to create an even stronger being as she progresses to even further devastations. Acquiring knowledge from the...
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