Year 12 Standard English( Harry Lavender)

Topics: The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper, Leonard Hofstadter Pages: 6 (1889 words) Published: March 1, 2011
Marele Day has successfully composed distinctive voices through her text through her use of characteristics within the characters Claudia Valentine and Harry Lavender to make her point of view. Marele Day has written the novel in a way so that her own distinctive voice may be interpreted through the protagonist, Claudia Valentine, although Claudia has her own distinctive voice. Distinctive voices contribute to and create the characteristics of a person’s identity. Two texts which clearly show these distinctive voices are “The Life and Crimes of Harry Lavender” by Marele Day and “The big bang theory” (Season 1, Episode 10 - The Loobenfeld Decay), directed by Chuck Lorre.

In “the Life and Crimes of Harry Lavender” the distinctive voices of Claudia Valentine and Harry Lavender compared with the distinctive voice of Harry Lavender. However in the text “the Big Bang theory” the humour is generated through the contrast between the distinctive voices of Sheldon Cooper and the distinctive voice of Penny.

Throughout the novel we partly get a sense of Claudia’s distinctive voice through the comparison with Harry Lavender and vice versa.

Claudia Valentine, the protagonist, has a very distinctive voice. Marele Day portrays this by subverting the audience’s preconceptions of Claudia, as the damsel in distress, who is not independent or strong, and needs someone to rescue her. However in reality Claudia is a strong, independent and hard-boiled genre detective.

Marele Day utilized a crime fiction genre to create a unique and strong voice of Claudia Valentine and Harry Lavender. Day employs a first person narrative to both the distinctive voices to involve the responder into the experiences being presented. Claudia valentine is portrayed through distinctive voice as independent and strong female investigator living and working in well renowned city of Sydney. Through Claudia, Marele Day has created a distinct and familiar voice for a character allowing the reader to see women in a new light.

Unlike other woman detectives Claudia has some masculine traits and a cynical attitude. Claudia’s voice is distinctive because it mixes the femininity with the masculinity. An example of this is “my legs are my best weapon”- ITALICS FOR QUOTES TO MAKE THEM STAND OUT. The effect of this is to show Claudia’s masculinity, by using her fragile feminine body as a weapon, instead of the typical woman who flees from the scene. This also subverts the genre, which is one of the most important things that Day has allowed Claudia to keep her femininity. This was used to emphasise Day’s point of view, that women are strong and independent.

Claudia is a female version of the old style Male P.I., with “ash trays full of butts”, “empty bottles of Jack Daniels”, and “a blonde in the bed”. What sets Claudia apart is that she “does not carry a gun but relies on high-powered karate kicks and running fast”. The female investigator Claudia Valentine is a hardened private investigator who challenges our view of the stereotypical detective. Claudia is the protagonist for conveying Marele Day’s feminist ideals to the modern reader. Day has used the technique of Red herring to mislead and subvert the audience’s conceptions of Claudia as the typical stereotyped male P.I. Day’s use of precise words to not specify Claudia’s gender, at the beginning of the book, causes the reader to be coaxed into assuming the protagonist is a male, like all conventional hard-boiled detectives. Examples of this are when Claudia ambiguity describes a nameless “good-looking blonde in the bed next to me” at the beginning to catch the audience out in their own pre-conceived notions, as they assume the blonde is female, and the narrator a male. However Claudia’s lack of emotion when she is unable to remember the name of the blonde shows she has a lack of emotion which again emphasises her masculinity.

Claudia is tough, strong, cynical, and witty. Nevertheless, we become aware of...
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