Yamaha Guitar Company

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Yamaha Guitar Company

Yamaha Company is a Japanese multinational company and conglomerate located in Japan, which provides a range of services and products, electronics, motorcycles, predominantly musical instruments and power sports instruments. Yamaha Company was introduced in year 1887 with reed organ and piano manufactured by the Torakusu Yamaha as the Nippon Gakki Limited. This was a literally a Japan musical manufacturing company in Hamamatsu, and was later incorporated 1897. The company originated as musical instrument manufacturer and still reflected in the currents group’s logo.

After the Second World War, the corporation president, Genichi Kawakami, repurposed the remains of company’s war period, the production machinery and the corporation’s expertise in the metallurgical technologies to manufacture of motorcycles (Davis, 56). YA-1, of which almost 125 motorcycles, were created within the initial year of production, 1954, and was named in the honor of the founder. The motorcycle was a 125cc, two-stroke, single cylinder, street bike that was patterned after German DKWRT125. The model was copied by the British munitions firms in post war era, and it was manufactured as Bantam and the Hummer was Harley-Davidson. In the year 1995, the success of YA-1 resulted in foundation of the Yamaha Motor Company Limited (Davis, 56).

Currently, the Yamaha Company has grown tremendously, and has become the world greatest manufacture of the musical instruments that includes the following: drums, guitars, wood, winds, violins, pianos, "silent" pianos, violas, celli, brass instruments, and vibraphones. In addition, it is a manufacturer of the computer related products, semiconductors, audio/visual, sporting goods, specialty metals, home appliances and the industrial robots. In the year 1989, the Yamaha Company shipped the first world CD recorder and later purchased the Sequential Circuits in the year 1988. The company bought the majority stake that is 51% of the competitor Korg in the year 1987, which was bought out by the Korg in the year 1993. In 2002, the Yamaha Company closed down the archery products business, which was initiated in 1959. Six archers in various Olympics Games won the gold medals after using their products (Davis, 56).

Later in 2007, the Yamaha Company acquired the German audio software producers Steinberg in early 2005 from the Pinnacle System. All along, the Yamaha Company has made various purchases and agreements that have led to progressed succession in the music equipment industry. The Yamaha Corporation is as well known for their popular teaching programs, which began in early 1950. The company’s products have proved to be popular, respected and extremely successful but this is due to how the company manufactures it products. The Yamaha Guitar, being one of the company’s popular products will be focused into detail (Ralph, 23).

Yamaha Motor Company Limited
The Yamaha Motor Company Limited is a Japanese company specializing in the vehicle-producing company. The Yamaha Motor is a subsidiary of the Yamaha Corporation, and the headquarters are located in Iwata. Alongside expanding the Yamaha Corporation to the world's largest piano maker, the Yamaha CEO took the Yamaha Company to the field of motor vehicles on the year 1955. The Yamaha’s exhaustive research in the metal alloys for the acoustic pianos has given the Company a wide knowledge in the making of the lightweight and dependable metal constructions. The experience was easily utilized in the making of the metal frames and the motor parts of the motorcycles. How to make the Guitar

There are extremely valid reasons as to why the Yamaha guitars are continually made using the wood rather than the high technology man-made materials. In short, they claim that there has been not been existing any other excellent material to be used in the process. However, to ensure that the woods offer the optimum performance in form of...
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