X86 and Intel

Topics: X86, X86-64, Advertising Pages: 3 (753 words) Published: February 12, 2013
1.What were the strengths and weaknesses of the Intel Inside campaign?

● Intel delivered the right message for consumers to be aware that the component inside a computer is very vital for optimal performance. And that Intel is the only credible brand that greatly affects the performance of computers. ● The Intel Inside campaign led to partnerships with OEMs. ● The Intel Inside campaign affected the consumer perception in such a way that consumers perceive Intel as a microchip manufacturer that provides quality. ● The Intel Inside campaign influenced consumer behavior. Intel became a requirement in customer purchasing decision. ● The campaign strengthen the brand image of Intel.

● Incurred large costs in executing the campaign.

2.Evaluate Intel’s continued use of the Pentium family of processors. Did Intel make the right decision by extending the name through the Pentium 4 processor?

Yes, Intel made the right decision of the continued use of the Pentium family of processors in name extensions. This choice of action accompanied many advantages. First, it carried an established name that consumers were very much aware of. Second, this means that there would be a decrease on advertising costs because the firm does not need to spend for advertisements for awareness. And another advantage is it prevented consumers from confusion with other competing offerings.

3.Suppose you were the Chief Marketing Officer for AMD. How would you propose the company position itself to better compete with Intel? Would you propose that AMD institute an Inside-like ad campaign?

No, if we were the Chief Marketing Officer, we would not emulate an “inside-like” ad campaign. A “me-too” strategy will just depreciate the value of AMD brand. Customers will perceive AMD as a brand that just gets along with what Intel brand has established.

We will propose to position AMD as a manufacturer that provides microprocessors that complement very well to...
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