Wuthering Heights: Relation to Emily Bronte's Life

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  • Published : March 25, 2013
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Wuthering Heights
Relation to Emily Bronte’s life

1. Hindley- Bronte used the character of Hindley to represent her brother. Emily Bronte’s brother drank himself to death just as Hindley did.    
    2. Edgar- When Catherine died, Edgar became exceedingly private and quiet. Edgar represents Emily Bronte’s own father. When Bronte’s mother died, her father followed the same pattern that Edgar did by secluding himself and becoming very quiet.

    3. Catherine- Emily Bronte personifies her dislike for women’s position in society through Catherine’s love for Heathcliff. Because women are not listened to, Bronte represents herself as a man, Heathcliff, in order to be listened to.

    4. Catherine’ Cold- Emily Bronte caught a cold at her brother’s funeral.

•    Emily lived in an isolated area called Haworth in the West Riding area of Yorkshire. Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange both reflect the isolated area where she lived. •    Because they were isolated socially by there geographical location, Emily and her siblings created fictional worlds. Emily and her sister Anne created Gondal which is a land of moors, and the world is reflected in moors surrounding the two houses. •    Wuthering Heights literally means stormy heights. Emily’s life had many hardships or “storms” throughout her life, such as, her brother’s alcoholism and some of her family dying from tuberculosis. •     Emily was home schooled because she easily became homesick when away at normal schools. This can be seen through young Catherine because Catherine is home schooled and not aloud to see the outside world without her father’s supervision. Mood:

I.  Tragic
A.  Death in Wuthering Heights
B.  Death during Emily’s lifetime
C.  Tuberculosis-caused death of characters
D.  Tuberculosis-caused death of family
E.  Drunkeness of Hindley Earnshaw
F.  Drunkeness of Brontë’s brother
II.  Isolated
1.Cathy and her father
2.Brontë and her father...
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