Writing a Business Proposal for Archie Leach Tours

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Writing a business proposal Assignment You work for Archie Leach tours and have been asked by the management team to draft a proposal (approximately 2000 words) for a new product based on one type of culinary tourism or slow travel or experimental tourism. The organization is currently analyzing trends in the tourism market over the next ten years and would like to consider the possibilities for innovative new products which would help it consolidate its brand identity as an inventive and imaginative tourism organization. Your proposal should include the following: • • • • • a brief description of the one type of tourism you have chosen a comparison of this form of travel with relevant existing forms of tourism an indication of possible target market segments for this new type of tourism an indication of how your chosen form of tourism could be implemented a specification of the potential ways this new form of tourism would benefit Archie Leach Tours

What is a written business proposal? Written business proposals in essence are a form of business report, and, consequently, share many of the characteristics of a formal business report: • • • • • • • they are written in response to a request they provide information they aid decision making they are objective, impersonal and authoritative they are written in formal English they are organized in sections using headings and sub-headings they are normally based on investigation.

However, whereas a business report normally concentrates on the information first and then outlines its recommendations, a business proposal concentrates on the recommendations (what should be done) first and then uses the information to justify these. As with a business report, a business proposal should be coherent, so that the recommendations are seen as logical responses to the problems found out from the investigation. It is worth noting that one of the main uses of business proposals is to attract finance for start-up businesses...
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