Writing: Dependent Clause and Topic Sentence

Topics: Dependent clause, Sentence, Independent clause Pages: 12 (3396 words) Published: November 30, 2012
contents entries found.PART A: INTRODUCTION

1. Rationale for choosing the topic:
The ongoing process of regional and global integration in Vietnam has resulted in an increasing demand for English language teaching across the country. Learning English is currently not only an interest but also a practical thing for many people. Learning English means learning four related skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. In teaching and learning English as a foreign language in Vietnam, writing has always received a great deal of attention. This is understandable, English is learnt and taught in non-English environment, therefore writing is not only one of the four language skills that students of English need to acquire but also a means of further study. Carrell (1981) stated that “For many students, writing is by far the most important of the four skills in a second language, particularly in English as a second or foreign language” (p.1). Writing in general is one of the most important skills for English learners, and academic writing in particular plays key role in helping learners to master the language. Learners of English language need to know how to write academically through the way they answer questions, discuss subjects or report research results. However, academic writing is never ever an easy task because it is the combinations of relation among audience, writer, organization and presentation (according to Swale, 1997). It can be understood that learners should keep in their mind to discover typical questions: “who are they going to write for?”, “what is the purpose of writing?” (What are the topic, position and argument?), how is the writing going to be organized and presented? It is also quite important to define “academic writing” to find which is necessary and sufficient. Academic writing normally starts from words, to phrase, clause, sentence, paragraph, and then essay. This assignment concentrates on theory of academic paragraph writing including the definition and structure of a paragraph, parts of paragraph, mistakes ESL often make in writing paragraph academically. It is tried to find out and to compare typical non-academic and academic words and phrases using in paragraph writing. As teachers of English, we ourselves think that it is essential to do a research on the topic “Academic paragraph writing”.

2. Aims and objectives:

2.1 Aims:
This assignment concentrates on theory of academic paragraph writing. Findings will be studied to suggest appropriate instructional support to help learners improve their academic writing skill. 2.2. Objectives:

To be more specific, the objectives of this study are:
- to investigate the theory towards academic paragraph writing. - to find out the common mistakes in academic writing
- to suggest ways to reduce the difficulties and help learners improve their writing skill by giving out example academic words and phrases It is hoped that the findings from this study will be some benefits to teachers and students in universities.

3. Methodology
In order to carry out the writing of this paper, we ourselves have based on the following methods. * The combination of diachronic and synchronic approaches * The teacher’s advice

* The book reference
In short, it is hoped that the paper will provide an introduction to the ways how to write academic paragraph writing. We are grateful to any comments on the paper.


I/ Theory of paragraph:

1. Definition of a paragraph:
It is quite easy for learners to find out what is a paragraph. There are many ways to define this basing on different viewpoints. Followings are some of popular paragraph definitions. A paragraph is: - a distinct section of a piece of writing, usually dealing with a single theme and indicated by a new line, indentation, or numbering (Oxford Advanced learner Dictionary) - is a group of...
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