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Topics: High school, Secondary school, Critical thinking Pages: 1 (430 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Sitting down attempting to write a first draft of my college essay, I started brainstorming what I could possibly write about. Do I go with something deep or something lighthearted? Do I use a prompt, or do I pick a topic of my own? Making these decisions proved to be challenging. My friends and family tried to help me, but being stubborn I still couldn’t pick one. Decisions after all, haven’t always been my strong suit. However, I have learned that although some skills I have- like decision making- may not be perfect, self-improvement is all that matters. One skill I have improved immensely at is speaking up for what I want. Growing up with a twin brother, I often didn’t have to voice in what I wanted. Good old Dan was always there by my side to “help” by shouting what he wanted. This may have been a factor in why I was quite. After all I had no reason to really voice my opinion. But as we’ve grown our opinions have become very different. In middle school we had totally different friends and I broke out of my “quiet” shell. This separation transformed me into the improved person I am today. To think that at one point I wasn’t half as outgoing as I am now, is a strange thought. When my brother decided to go to a different high school, a technical school, while I stayed in the public school system, it didn’t affect me because I no longer needed him. I knew how to talk for myself. At age sixteen when I began working, I improved on another skill- how to take criticism. My boss was very particular in how she wanted things done. Although sometimes she could sound mean in her corrections, was always just trying to improve me. At first this would make me frustrated or nervous, and I’d have a negative attitude going into work each day. But as my time went on and I picked up my pace, the criticism I had heard earlier was helping me do my job to the best of my ability, and earn more tips. In life you can’t always be great at everything. Success will take some hard...
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