“Writers and Poets Explore the True Value of Relationships in Their Work”. to What Extent Do You Agree with This?

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  • Published : March 16, 2013
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“Writers and poets explore the true value of relationships in their work”. To what extent do you agree with this? The ‘true value’ of a relationship can be interpreted in various ways, the idea of a positive romantic love and trust are aspects associated directly with this notion. Yet in some ways the true value of a relationship can be more in line with realism and imperfections, which both F. Scott Fitzgerald and Carol Ann Duffy explore. In ‘The Great Gatsby’ F. Scott Fitzgerald presents an illustration of the American dream and with this theme the idea of materialism is engaged. This materialistic focus is reflected in the presentation of relationships amongst the central protagonists in the novel and can be seen as an exploration of the true value of relationships. Carol Ann Duffy however, uses her collection of poems ‘Rapture’ to chart the journey of a relationship or relationships. She employs a variety of techniques in order to provide a presentation of her perception of the true value of relationships, specifically focusing on the aspect of time and comparisons with natural elements. Both authors present an illustration of romantic love and loyalty which can be interpreted as evidence of the exploration of the true value of relationships in their work. Fitzgerald provides the reader with snapshots of time where the idea of romanticised love within a complicated situation is enforced. Gatsby and Daisy are said to have “stared at each other, alone in space”. Yet they are clearly surrounded by a group of people, one of which is Daisy’s husband. The specific lexical choice of ‘space’ connotes the idea of being isolated in a vast area, this links to the idea of lovers having eyes for only each other, which stands as a particularly romantic image, especially since we get the idea that nobody else really matters. The relationship between Gatsby and Nick can also be seen as an exploration of the true value of relationships at a slightly different angle. Nick...
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