Write a Letter to a Friend/Relation About a Relationship

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  • Published : August 30, 2011
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Rosewood Manor

Dear Mr Porter,

It may come as a surprise to you to receive this message from me, especially as we have seldom met and are only vaguely aquainted. However, we are connected by our relationship to Catherine who, I am sure you will agree, is dear to us both. The subject that I wish to address is somewhat awkward (and may indeed be painful for you to read), but my love for my best friend compels me to speak up, regardless of the consequences.

As you may know, Catherine and I have been dear friends since we were infants, and I feel that I know her more than any other could; we have shared many experiences and our friendship has remained strong in good times and bad. Catherine is admired and loved for many reasons. These include: her warm, compassionate nature; her lively spirit; her quick intelligence and her utter responsibility. It pains me to say that, in spite of this, I have noticed a dramatic change in Catherine’s character since she had known you and I fear that you may be influencing her… but not for the better.

I do not wish to imply that you do not care for her but I take this opportunity to illustrate the change in her personality and how Catherine has transformed. There is now a certain recklessness in her behavior that is regarded as unconventional and erratic, to say the very least. She has also been frequenting inappropriate places and mixing with those whose actions could be described as debauched. Overall, this improper behavior can only damage her good reputation. Moreover it could lead to her being completely cast out of reputable society.

Fra be it from me to force my will upon you but I cannot emphasise enough how Catherine’s life has become like quicksand. It will inevitably pull her down into a vortex of misery and despair. Furthermore, she will be enveloped so deeply that she will ultimately become buried, with no hope of escape. Only withdrawal from you will save her from the...
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