Write an Essay in Which You Tell Us About Someone Who Has Made an Impact on Your Life and Explain How and Why This Person Is Important to You.

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  • Published : January 10, 2011
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Throughout my life I have met with different people who have changed my perspective of life. During my teenager’s years I have come across a person who has shown me how to be a success, and the type of person I should be 20 years from now. Aziz, my Uncle, has shown me life has many ups and downs, but the only way to climb over the difficulties are to work hard and never give up. My parents, throughout their lives have had no luck when it came to making money; they would always work hard but would make some tragic mistakes that would lead them into a loss. They never thought about the future as they always lived in the present. My uncle, on the other hand, did the total opposite to secure his family’s needs and he made sure that even when life would hit him hard he would still stand strong. My uncle started his life at the bottom. His first job consisted of sweeping the floors of Churches Chicken with a minimum salary. After years of working at Churches Chicken he decided to move up in life, and so he takes a job as an employee at Sprint. Working as a salesman, mistakes are made on an everyday basis. My uncle too made numerous mistakes which led to an upset boss. The boss did not only scream but he embarrassed on the sales floor in front of everyone. Aziz accepted the criticism and ignored the embarrassment. He worked twice as hard to prevent making the same mistake as he was thinking about his future and his family. As years progressed my uncle grew in popularity as his sales figure in the entire company which resulted in the appointment my uncle who worked open to close everyday at the mall was appointed manager. This gave him confidence which led to much more. With his position as manager Aziz kept going, 3 years later he became district manager of 50 sprint stores, not only did he impress the boss who kept moving him up but also his family who was behind him from the beginning. My uncle who is now co-owner of 100 sprint stores, one of the most respectable...
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