Write an Essay Discussing the Pros and Cons of Hiring Known Hackers to Test the Security of a System.

Topics: Black hat, Hacker, HTTP cookie Pages: 3 (923 words) Published: July 23, 2011
Topic 1: Write an essay discussing the pros and cons of hiring known hackers to test the security of a system. Nowaday, hacker is someone makes the technology's life to be more interesting. The term hacker has evolved over the years and been growing. For years there existed a fuzzy distinction between good and bad computer hackers, or we also call them white hat and black hat hackers. Whether they are good or bad, we can't negate they don't have any influence on the development of technology. Hiring known hackers to test the security of a system is an example of this idea. Some companies have the great database which stores information about back hat hackers. It's made and developed by white hatters. These hackers break into systems and report holes that company engineers quickly seal. Companies need to have appropriate way to choose hackers to hire. Another positive aspect to hiring reformed hackers as security consultants is that staying up with the latest security exploits and countermeasures is a full time job. In most companies, the IT staff has an acceptable level of security knowledge, but they must focus most of their attention on the day to day responsibilities of keeping the network up and running. A good security consultant focuses almost solely on security and consequently has a level of security knowledge that goes far beyond that of most other IT professionals. The risks of hiring so-called good hackers can be minimized by following several basic rules, but the use of hackers with criminal records is not common. With security of a system, hiring hackers will break the rule, go into and test, but there is a notable amount of back doors already compromising the systems after they finish. Controlled from remote locations by hackers, or malicious hacker takes over computers on the Internet and causes them to flood a target site with demands for data and other small tasks can happen when hackers know about the weakness of your system. Someone has the...
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