Write an Ending "Cat in the Rain"

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  • Published : November 29, 2011
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Cat in the Rain

“Avanti,” George said. He looked up from his book. In the doorway stood the maid. She held a big tortoise-shell cat pressed tight against her and swung down against her body.
“Excuse me,” she said, “the padrone asked me to bring this for the Signora.”

“Look honey,” George said while he looked at the maid, “they brought you a cat.” She examined the cat and walked towards the maid. “Thank you. I mean gracias” she said and quickly closed the door. George had started reading again. The cat weighed heavily in her arms. Quickly she walked to the bed and put the cat besides George. George didn’t even look up. Once again the girl sat in front of the mirror. “I really don’t want to look like a boy,” the girl said” I want long hair!” She turned towards the window and looked at the weather yet again. “You told me the weather would be good here. Why isn’t the weather good, George?” George wasn’t listening. “If I wanted bad weather we could have stayed at my grandmother’s in Canada!” George looked confused at her “Canada? What are you talking about?” She stood up. “I’m going outside again to find the kitty.” George started laughing. “You just got a cat, now sit down. And take that cat away from my bed” Now she was the one that didn’t listen. “I don’t want that big, fat, lazy cat. Who would want a old bag of fleas?” She put on her shoes and her coat. “I want the kitty.” The door slammed behind her.
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