Write an Account of a Mistake You Made and Its Consequences

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  • Published : January 6, 2013
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Write an account of a mistake you made and its consequences
I made various mistakes in my life up to now, but there is one which I remember very vividly and even I shiver while I recall within my mind the whole story. I do not recall the exact date of the event, but I remember that it was a Saturday within the year of 1991, and at that time I was thirteen years old. At that age, Saturday meant going out, away from the school books and off for a new adventure. That day I had decided to phone my friends, to see what they are up to. Unfortunately each of them had something of their own to do. Therefore, I thought to go the Manoel Island shelters on my own. I found my bag pack, and in it I put a torchlight, my walkman, some canned ham, some cheese, a loaf of bread and a knife. I put on some rough clothes and safety boots on and without leaving any note of my whereabouts and headed off to Manoel Island by walk. After around a quarter of an hour I reached my destination, which was a hole in a chimney located in the high walls near Manoel Island` s fort. I fetched the torched from within my back pack and then crawled into the dark hole. After around 2 hours exploring the shelter I came to a spot which was outside of the shelter with steep, high walls on each side. I thought to take advantage of the situation and have lunch. I found a flat platform within the confined area, put on my walkman` s headphones on my ears, and while I listened to its music I prepared and ate lunch. It was to go on with the exploring, therefore I began to put everything back in the back pack. While I was doing so I mistakenly hit my torchlight and it fell in a tight, deep gap between the platform and the wall. I tried to reach it, but it was so tight that I could not reach it. At that moment I panicked because without the torchlight my chances to find my way back in the darkness of the shelter are near zero. Additionally, I could not wait for any help as no one knew of my whereabouts. There...
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