World War I Technology

Topics: Ocean, Mariana Trench, North Pole Pages: 4 (1247 words) Published: March 21, 2013
So, not only what to these have in common, but also what are they doing in paper about computers? Well to start, the Professor did say to have fun with the paper! Secondly, the guns show how long technology takes to evolve and than how quick evolution can happen. It took centuries to go from smooth bore to rifled bore in the guns. Flintlock gun were still being used at the start of the American Civil War, 1861. By the time the war ended, 4 years later, percussion guns were in style. The Gatling gun showed up around 1867, it was replaced in under 100 years with the .50 caliber machine gun.

Thirdly, railroads and computers are a very interesting study on how quick technology can advance, the problems it encounters, and the impact it has on society. The first American train made its run in 1830. Less than 40 years later the transcontinental railroad was completed. The rail companies had to overcome problems never before encountered: switchbacks up hills, grading, etc. The impact on the America society was, and still is, huge. The computer technology has basically followed the same timeframe, overcame unknown problems, and is having a huge impact on society.

Looking at these two comparisons is very interesting. As a Maritime Historian an understanding of past technology is important in determining a time frame of an incident. Plus, an understanding of how to use todays’ technology to assist in finding and recording of the past is an absolute necessity. Computers hold the key to major research projects by way of technology, Internet, and E-Mail. As a Maritime Explorer advances in technology will continue to be used to find, track and understand the water world around us.

Clive Cussler wrote, "We have mapped and photographed almost every square inch of the moon, but we have viewed less than one percent of what is covered by water". The computer will be of the same great benefit when it comes to the exploration of the oceans as the computer has benefited the...
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