World War One Letter

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Dear Aunt Bessie

In order for me to be better, I have to give the best and to give the best I am going to donate the money I have. All together it adds up to almost one million but its in three different groups; One hundred thousand for child labor, three hundred thousand for women’s right and six hundred thousand for the meat packing industry. I already have everything I need so why not help out others.

First off no matter how much money you have, it can help anyone that is in need. Three hundred thousand is a lot, and its sad to see young adults and children suffer and to prevent this I am going to donate to a coal company in Pennsylvania where breaker boys work and try to make a living. I understand that you didn’t expect this from me, but I wasn’t going to let the money go to waste if I don’t need it. So, why not help others out who suffer from their surroundings due to their work habits. This breaker boys inhale dangerous chemicals as they work, get burned badly, and smother to death. This money can change their life’s, they can maybe even get something out of this. If you were in the shoes, I wouldn’t you certainly beg for anyone’s help you could get? That’s why I made a better decision then to suit myself with this money.

Secondly, I also decided to stand for women’s right and help out other females out there in the world. By this I mean her simplest duties; Raising her kids, cleaning, cooking and much more, but in order for women to do this they need a household that can provide all of this and this is what they don’t have. Three hundred thousand to a settlement house in Chicago is where the money will be going to. You as a mother know how hard it is to complete your duties but imagine how much harder it is if you have to complete it without any materials due to your living condition. Wouldn’t you want to help them just knowing how hard it is and because what they go through. They pretty much put others first rather then themselves first which is...
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