World History Research Paper

Topics: Qing Dynasty, Republic of China, China Pages: 4 (1519 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Aaron Chu 4/26/11
Global 4
A New World For China
China is in a state of foreign dominance. Europeans and Japanese are taking over its territory. The people have lost faith in their government and they want to start a new one. Revolutionary parties begin to rise and expand. They want their government to get rid of the Europeans and Japanese but they aren’t able to. They have to take matters into their own hands. The people are started to learn from the westerners and they want to modernize. They want the power to defend themselves. They want the power to be able to control their own people and reinforce their own laws. They don’t want Europeans or Japanese to think that China is a part of their own country. Peasants become on the move and a revolution is about to come. Groups of revolutionaries start to form and war is about to break. Discontent broke out in China in the early 1900s because of the Opium War, European and Japanese countries taking over parts of China, the hardships faced by the people of China after foreign domination, and the laws placed on China by force by foreign countries, which caused civil war and a conservative revolution. The Opium War caused many foreign countries to be able to stay in China. Britain wanted to get more trade with Chinese for their tea but the Chinese didn’t need many of Britain’s products. All Britain had to trade was their opium. Since many people of the government banned the trade of opium, the British need to find a way to get their tea. The British did all they could to increase the trade: They bribed officials, helped the Chinese work out elaborate smuggling schemes to get the opium into China's interior, and distributed free samples of the drug to innocent victims. With this matter at hand, the government had no choice but to try and push away the British, but they didn’t budge. They easily got their influence in China to spread rapidly and it came to a point where China had to listen to...
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