World History on the Printing Press

Topics: Communication, Ancient Egypt, Egyptian hieroglyphs Pages: 3 (802 words) Published: March 13, 2012
The invention of the printing press in 1445 would have an immensely large affect on the communication throughout the world for an eternity. The printing press had many large affects including making information exchange both easier and more accessible. However, many do not remember the fact that there were other ways of exchanging information and communicating long before the printing press was invented. Some examples of information exchange and written communication prior to the era of the printing press are hieroglyphics, forms of art (cave paintings and artwork), ideograms, forms of alphabets, and the art of the book. Although the printing press has made visual communication and information exchange very convenient the historical forms of visual communication were still accessible and able to make the communication process possible. An insight into the different types of pre-printing press communication shows that the historical forms were definitely successful. One of the most well known forms of historical visual communication is the hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt. Hieroglyphics are one of the oldest and well-known forms of ancient alphabets. The Egyptians were able to form an alphabet with symbols. This alphabet would be equivalent to the alphabets that exist today. The Egyptians would then use the alphabet that they formed to spell words, a very early form of visual communication. The Egyptians would write messages on a variety of objects including walls, stones, etc. where the ancient Egyptians would be able to leave messages on buildings and in areas. Then, the ancient Egyptians invented a type of paper called papyrus, and they were now able to print messages on paper and deliver them. Papyrus and hieroglyphics were a very successful form of communication, almost as successful as the printing press but it was a much longer process. Hieroglyphics are the most commonly known form of ancient alphabets, but there were also many others. Another example of...
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