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Task 1 – Identify the following future ‘tenses’:

a) I am going to the theater later this evening.
Present continuous

b) They’re going to play basketball on Tuesday afternoon.
Be going + infinitive

c) Jane will have left her job by the end of the week.
Future perfect

d) The train leaves at 6.00 pm.
Present simple

e) At this time tomorrow I will be lying on the beach.
Future Continuous

f) Next year, Paul will have been living in Italy for 3 years. Future perfect continuous

g) It will probably rain tomorrow.
Future simple

Task 2 – State as many usages as possible of the future tenses below and give one example sentence of your own for each usage (not a sentence from the unit!):

a) Future simple
Future facts and certainties:
We’ll fly out in September
I’ll do the shopping
They’ll win by at least 10 points
He’ll get a speeding fine one-day
Spontaneous decisions:
I’ll take a shower
Do your homework or I’ll ground you!

b) Future continuous
Progressive moment in the future:
I will be partying overseas in January
Guessing a present action:
Mike won't be far away
Non-influential query towards somebody’s plans:
Will you have work tomorrow?
Future fixed or decided events:
You will be required to work tomorrow evening

c) Future perfect
To say something will be done, completed or achieved in the future: I will have my drivers license by this time tomorrow

d) Future perfect continuous
To say how long something would have continued by a certain time: By Friday I will done 12 hours overtime

e) ‘Going to’ future
I'm going to build a tree-house
Predictions based on evidence:
These tyres are going to need replacing soon
I am going to fix the table

Task 3 – State how the tenses below are formed grammatically. Explain positive, negative and question forms:

a) Future simple
Affirmative: Subject + shall/will + verb
I will play
Negative: Subject + shall/will + not + verb
We will not play
Question: Shall/will + subject + verb
Shall we play?

b) Future continuous
Affirmative: Subject + will + be + verb + ing (present participle) John will be coming to the party
Negative: Subject + will + not + be + verb + ing (present participle) John will not be coming to the party
Question: Will + subject + be + verb + ing (present participle) Will John be coming to the party?

c) Future perfect
Affirmative: Subject + will + have + past participle
Jane will have finished by five
Negative: Subject + will + not + have + past participle
Jane won't have finished by five
Question: Will + subject + have + past participle
Will Jane finish by five?

d) Future perfect continuous
Affirmative: Subject + will + have + been + verb + ing
Jake will have been exercising for an hour
Negative: Subject + will + not + have + been + verb + ing
Jake won't have been working all week
Question: Will + subject + have + been + verb + ing
Will I be able to join?

e) ‘Going to’ future
Affirmative: Subject + am/are + going to + verb (base form)
They are going to see a movie
Negative: Subject + am/are + not + going to + verb (base form) Am I going to arrive on time?
Question: Am/are + subject + going to + verb (base form)
Are they going to join?

Task 4 – Give at least 2 activate stage teaching ideas for the tenses below and give examples of sentences that you would expect your students to produce:

a) Future simple
Teaching ideas:
a. Students pair up and tell their partner what they will be doing in 10 years b. We would ask students to produce to the class a list of items which would help should they ever be lost.

By the end of the lessonwe would hope the students could produce sentences similar to the following examples: I will be working as a plumber
I shall bring a water bottle with me

b) Future continuous...
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