Workplace Happiness

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  • Published : December 9, 2012
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Workplace Happiness
Working circle always plays a key part in human being life,from our ancestor to modern life, from simple career to most complicated one, from handy job to brainstorm skills, from low-skilled jobs to top management positions.No one refuses the fact that finding the true happiness in working could help to accelerate oneto achieve a good job, particularly in office-working life circle that isso-called themost complex type among avariety of ways of earning the living standard. Arguing with their colleagues, being unsatisfied with their wages, finding no enthusiasm in their works, employees now tend to be unhappy at work and it has been being a tough problem to the employers in how to keep and maintain their labor system. Their mood depends on so many factors such as compensation, job characteristics, as well as working environment. This paper will discuss about these three main factors and analyze the differences between the old generation and the young generation in their attitudes at work. Through this discussion, both the employers and the employees can find a good way to fulfilled at work. Compensation

Compensation plays an important role in employee satisfaction. A good compensation policy is not only making the employees more satisfied, it can also be a strong motivator for employees to work harder, perform to a higher standard. Every company has its own missions and visions, and that leads to the differences in compensation among companies. Employee’s compensation depends on position, job performance, years of working, etc. A generous pay system is a good incentive for workers, but money alone is not enough! The thinking, pay more to make employees work harder, does not always work. The matter is when, how long and how much salary can satisfy the employee. If the employee is strapped with financial problems, higher compensation will have the ability to get them working hard. Nevertheless, it only brings relief for a short term. If they...
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