Workplace Ethical Dilemma

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  • Published : May 7, 2012
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Workplace Ethical Dilemma

Workplace Ethical Dilemma
Ethics--"the science of conduct," according to some philosophers--is differentiating between right and wrong and then doing the right thing. Ethical problems in the workplace can include questions of pay raises and promotions, employee discrimination, disciplinary action, harassment, conflicts of interest and other issues (Workplace Ethical Dilemmas | I have had the misfortune to have been apart of ethical dilemmas in the workplace but there is one specific situation involving sexual harassment that to this day still gets me crazy. Before I begin, I want to share Arizona’s definition of harassment - conduct that is directed at a specific person and that would cause a reasonable person to be seriously alarmed, annoyed or harassed and the conduct in fact seriously alarms, annoys or harasses the person (Arizona State Legislature). The dilemma will be broken down into three critical segments – in the first segment I will share the essential points of the story as I understand them; secondly, I will share how the dilemma intersected with my personal values and last I will share how I would have solved the dilemma and why. I’ve changed the names for anonymity. Essential Points

Approximately two years ago, a young lady named, Shannon filed a complaint against her supervisor, Frank, for sexual harassment. Shannon had just graduated from college and this was her first “real” job. She believed she was building a mentor/mentee relationship with Frank that would assist her in becoming a well-versed professional in her field of study. In the beginning Shannon thought nothing of her supervisor’s invitations to lunch or outings away from the office, but as months wore on she began to feel uncomfortable, especially when he began suggesting she move in with him so she could save money. As soon as this happened, she realized he was not being a mentor to her and had an entirely different agenda with...
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