Working Together to Safeguard Children

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Gaynor Brookes
CYP Core 3.3/LO 1.1
Current legislations guideline and policies:
Children’s Act 1989
Education Act 2002
Children Act 2004
Working together to Safeguard Children (2010)
What to do if you are worried a child is being abused (2006) E-Safety
Safeguarding and Protecting

The different agencies involved in safeguarding the welfare of Children and Young people are: NSPCC (national Society for the prevention of Cruelty to Children) The NSPCC’s work is focused on helping those children who are in greatest danger and distress. Their services are all designed to make the biggest difference to children possible. They provide support to Children and Young People and their families, they have a helpline in which you can contact if you are concerned about a Child or Young person, this also provides a helpline for Children or Young People that are anxious and need help or advice.

The Police work closely with children and young people to protect them from harm; they have Child Abuse Investigation Unit (CBIU), where they can get information from Children’s or Young People social care, and other agencies involved. They have the authority to remove Children or Young People in extreme emergencies, or the offender.

Health Professionals
Doctors or Healthcare professionals can provide examinations to a Child or Young Person

Gaynor Brookes
CYP Core 3.3 /LO 1.1 Continued
When they think they have sustained suspicious injuries that have not been accidental. They have the authority to contact Social Services when this type of abuse has occurred. They must write reports and give to Social Services, and if necessary they would have to attend the court of law if a crime has been committed.

This has its own council called The UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS) these are here to safeguard Children and Young People on the Internet. This Council has put procedures into place to protect Children and Young People, and help them with awareness whilst on the computer; Parents can put Parental Blocks on so this will not let the Children and Young people onto various web sites.

CYP Core 3.3/LO 1.2
All staff has a responsibility to safeguard children and young people, the word safeguarding instead of child protection. It has a much broader range and is produced to provide a framework to protecting children and young people, bringing with it specific recruitment and selection, training and vetting procedures such as C R B checks, it also highlights the need to ensure that inappropriate behaviour does not take place and outlines the preferred means by which any allegations or suspicions are reported and acted upon. Safeguarding a child or young person is also to ensure that they have the opportunity to achieve their true potential and have the right to be protected from abuse, such as Physical abuse

Sexual abuse
Emotional abuse
Any organisation that deals with children and young people, must have a safeguarding policy in place and that it is reviewed and updates regularly. All staff must know their settings policy and the procedures to follow in the event of any cause for concern. It also highlights the importance of shared responsibilities as there can be many different agencies involved in dealing with each case.

Gaynor Brookes
CYP Core 3.3/LO 1.2 continued
Safeguarding children is an integral part of a schools everyday activities Wearing ID badges to identify oneself
Not putting ourselves at risk to possible complaints
Signing in and out of school
Ensuring current legislation is adhered to such as
Every Child Matters
Data Protection
Human Rights
Health and Safety at Work
The Safeguarding Policy should be compliant with sections from: The Education Act (2004)
Working Together
The Local Children's Safeguarding Board
Take account and inform of policy in related areas such as,
Discipline, Bullying, e-safety
To integrate a safeguarding...
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