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#1 abash abate abdicate aberration abhor abject abnegate abortive abridge absolute absolve To make ashamed; to embarrass 당혹스럽게 하다 To subside; to reduce 감소시키다, 무효로 하다 To step down from a position of power or responsibility 포기하다, 퇴위하다, 사퇴하다 Something not typical; a deviation from the standard 탈선, 정신이상 To hate very, very much; to detest 몹시 싫어하다, 혐오하다 Hopeless; extremely sad and servile; defeated; utterly bummed out 비천한, 비열한, 비굴한(사람) To deny oneself things; to reject; to renounce 포기하다, 버리다, 자제하다 Unsuccessful 실패한; 유산의, 발육부진의 To shorten; to condense 요약하다; 축소하다, 단축하다; 제거하다 Total; unlimited; perfect 절대의, 무조건의, 전체적 To forgive or free from blame; to free from sin; to free from an obligation 용서하다, 사면하다, 방면하다

#2 abstinent abstract abstruse abysmal accolade accost acerbic acquiesce acrid acrimonious acumen #3 acute adamant address adherent admonish adroit adulation

Abstaining; voluntarily not doing something, especially something pleasant that is bad for you or has a bad reputation 절제하는, 금욕적인 Theoretical; impersonal 추상적인, 이상적인, 난해한 Hard to understand 난해한, 심오한 Extremely hopeless or wretched; bottomless 심연의, 끝없이 깊은 An award; an honor 나이트작 수여식; 명예, 표창 To approach and speak to someone 다가가서 말을 걸다 Bitter; sour; severe [맛이] 신, 신랄한 To comply passively; to accept; to assent; to agree 묵인하다; 묵묵히 따르다 Harsh; like acid 매운, 신랄한, 가혹한 Full of spite; bitter; nasty 신랄한, 엄한, 호된 Keenness of judgment; mental sharpness 예민, 날카로운 통찰력

Sharp; shrewd 날카로운, 민감한 Stubborn; unyielding; completely inflexible 단단한, 견고한, 굳센 To speak to; to direct ones attention to [...에게] 말을 걸다, 연설하다' [항의 등을]제기/제출하다 Follower; supporter; believer 지지자, 당원, 신자; 부착력 있는, 들러붙는 To scold gently; to warn 훈계하다, 충고하다; 경고하다 Skillful; dexterous; clever; shrewd; socially at ease 교묘한, 솜씨있는; 기민한, 영리한 Wild or excessive admiration; flattery 아첨, 추종

#4 adulterate adverse aesthetic affable affectation affinity affluent agenda agrarian

To contaminate; to make impure 오염시키다, 더럽히다 Unfavorable; antagonistic 반대의, 거스르는, 어긋나는, 불리한 Having to do with artistic beauty; artistic 미의, 심미적인 Easy to talk to; friendly 상냥한, 사근사근한, 붙임성 있는 Unnatural or artificial behavior, usually intended to impress 애정, 감정; 병, 성질 Sympathy; attraction; kinship; similarity 유사, 친화력, 좋아함 Rich; prosperous 풍부한, 부유한 Program; the things to be done 안건, 의사일정 Relating to land; relating to the management or farming of land 토지의, 경작지의, 농업의

#5 aggregate agnostic alacrity allege alleviate allocate alloy #6 allusion aloof altruism ambience ambiguous ambivalent

Sum total; a collection of separate things mixed together 모으다, 집합하다, 총계가 ...이 되다 One who believes that the existence of a god can be neither proven nor disproven 불가지론 자 Cheerful eagerness or readiness to respond 민첩, 기민, 경쾌, 소탈함 To assert without proof 단언하다; 변명하다, 우겨대다; 진술하다 To relieve, usually temporarily or incompletely; to make bearable; to lessen 완화하다, 경감하다 To distribute; to assign; to allot 할당하다, 배분하다 A combination of two or more things, usually metals 합금, 혼합물

An indirect reference (often to a literary work); a hint 암시, 빗댐, 언급(hint) Uninvolved; standing off; keeping ones distance 멀리 떨어져서, 초연히; 무관심한, 쌀쌀한, 냉담함 Selflessness; generosity; devotion to the interests of others 애타주의 이타주의 Atmosphere; mood; feeling 환경, 분위기(mood) Unclear in meaning; confusing; capable of being interpreted in different ways 중의적인, 두 가지 뜻으로 풀이되는; 분명하지 않은 Undecided; neutral; wishy-washy 아직 결정되지 않은; 중성의, 중립의; 묽은, 시시한

#7 ameliorate amenable amenity amiable amnesty amoral amorous amorphous anachronism analogy #8 anarchy anecdote anguish animosity anomaly antecedent antipathy antithesis apartheid To make better or more tolerable 개선하다, 개량하다; 좋아지다 Obedient; willing to give in to the wishes of another; agreeable 순종하는, 기꺼이 따르는; 쉽게 좌우되는 Pleasantness; attractive or comfortable feature 쾌적함, 즐거움, 쾌락; 부드러움 Friendly; agreeable 호감을 주는, 상냥한, 애교 있는 An official pardon for a group of people who have violated a law or policy 사면, 대사, 특사; 사면하다 Lacking a sense of right and wrong; neither good nor bad, neither moral nor immoral;...
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