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Woody Allen’s Annie Hall is a film that depicts the life of a character named Alvy Singer, a comedian who always seems nervous, is full of self-loathing, doesn‘t have a positive perspective on life, had an unhappy childhood and has been divorced twice. He knows he has problems but can’t figure out how to solve them in a dignified way so uses sex as a substitute. By the end of the film however, he shows a significant change in his outlook on life, due mostly to his recent relationship with a woman named Annie Hall. They end their relationship but Alvy learns from it, makes changes in his life, and uses it as a stepping stone into his future. The first moment where he shows change is when he compliments Annie after her first performance at a night club. She thinks she did horribly so he gives her reasons why she wasn’t as bad as she thought which cheers her up. This signifies Alvy turning a bad situation into a good one and shows confidence for the first time. Another moment where he shows change is his meeting with Annie in Los Angeles after they have broken up for good. He does things that he is usually reluctant to do: leaving New York City, driving a car, and eating at a health food restaurant. Although it doesn’t end like he hoped, he accepts that they aren’t going to be together any longer and doesn‘t complain, which is his usual response. In addition, he shows growth when he writes a play about his relationship with Annie, which shows their last meeting in L.A. but with an alternate ending with them together; proving that the relationship affected him enough to analyze and critique it. He views the relationship as a learning experience and uses the play to articulate his experience in a productive way, something he hasn’t done yet. Lastly, the ending of the film shows the most significant change from Alvy. He meets with Annie and seems genuinely happy to spend time with her and says he’s glad that he got to know her, contrary to his prior notion to have sex to solve his problems.

Alvy’s first noticeable change occurs after Annie’s audition at the club. It’s her first time and she thinks that her performance was awful because the audience wasn’t paying attention and there were distractions such as microphone feedback, dropping glass, and a ringing phone. After her performance, they’re walking down the street and he cheers her up by telling her that the crowd was “a tad restless” and that she has a “wonderful voice” (42). He usually saw things in a negative light before this moment and this was the first time in the film where he turned a bad situation into a better one. This helped Annie continue her singing and she improved later because of Alvy and opened new doors for her, thanks to Alvy’s persuasion and change of view. He saw the possible relationship between them as something worthwhile and it ultimately led up to his transformation at the end of the movie. He makes her feel better--confident enough to brag, “Yeah, you know something? I never even took a lesson, either” (42). She accepts his support and Alvy realizes he would need to support her through rough times to keep the relationship rolling. And it meant that he would have to adjust his views and habits to keep her happy. They both changed a little in this scene with both of them being more positive toward bleak situations and Alvy bringing benefits out of this situation. After this, he convinces her to kiss him saying that it will “digest their food better” (43). Maybe he said this joke just to have sex with Annie (which he does in a few scenes) and wouldn’t be much of a change. But he wanted to be in a long term relationship because he told Annie that he wouldn’t let her quit singing. He foresaw that he could help her become a better person and maybe figure himself out along the way, reiterating that he was aware of his problems and wanted to change his ways.

After they break up and Annie moves to Los Angeles, Alvy takes the initiative for...
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