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Q1 Write an account of some aspects of your work (it may be fictionalised). include in this account each of the following terms in their technical economic sense. do not merely reproduce definitions of these terms. - capita

- marginal equivalence
- nominal value
- scarcity
- positive statement
- =f()
- direct determinant
- Prescriptive model
- feedback loop
- central planning

You should make it clear from the context that you understand the term in each case. Underline the terms as you use them. Do not exceed the word guide in this task. 寫你的工作的某些方面(也可能是虛構的)的帳戶。在此帳戶中的每個下列用語的他們的技術經濟意義。不只是再現這些術語的定義。 - 人均

- 邊際等價
- 面值
- 稀缺
- 積極發言
- = f()的
- 直接決定
- 規範行為的模型
- 反饋迴路
- 中央規劃


Q2 Explain why and how market prices respond to changing conditions.


Using indifference theory, explain how a rational consumer would choose the best combination of two goods.


If the price of one of the goods rose from $15 to $21, set out the information that would be needed to calculate the impact on the demand for each of the goods.

如果價格的比重由$15至$ 21的商品之一,所載的信息,將需要計算每個商品的需求的影響。

Q3 explain the meaning of, the reasoning behind, and the implications of the law of diminishing returns.


“imperfect competition is so named because of its imperfections”

Discuss, with reference to both the characteristics of such competition and its predicted outcomes.



Demonstrate the relevance of marginal revenue product to explaining the demand for a particular type of labour (such as construction workers).

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